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Sep 12, 2013 | Articles

Work in progress in America for a Forste TJJ70
The USA dealer of Socage, Truck Utilities, is working to finish a 70 meters platform that will be exhibit at ICUEE 2013, hold from 1st to 3rd in Lousville, Kentucky, USA. TJJ70 Forste is a great machine because it’s more compact and light than other american platforms. Socage produced the aerial part with the stabilization and Truck Utilities
is mounting the equipment on an american truck. TJJ70 is an articulated aerial platform with jib that can be mounted on trucks with minimum G.V.W. of 32 tonnes; this model is equipped with a secondary jib which allows it to perform operations not executable by a single jib platform. Thanks to this feature TJJ70 is able to work under-bridge and under-truss.  Able of a maximum working height of 68.5 m and a maximum outreach of 36.5 m, the TJJ70 has got a safe working load (SWL) of 600 kg (6 operators + tools). This model is standard equipped, on the basket control, with a 5″ LCD display. TJJ70 can be equipped with an hydraulic winch mounted on the jib, with 900 kg loading capacity, used once the aluminum basket has been removed. The rotation of the turret is contniuos and the rotation of the aluminum basket is 180° + 180° allowing under-bridge interventions.


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