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Apex 2014 Chapter 2

Apr 28, 2014 | Articles

The chapter 2 of Socage’s trip to APEX 2014 exhibition deals with another new product: the VT series (Telescopic Van). Up to now, two versions have been designed – one of them, the FORSTE 12VT, will be shown at the exhibition in Amsterdam. The VT series are telescopic aerial platforms mounted on vans, from 12 to 14 meters high, with or without jib. It is a new challenge for Socage, generally dealing with aerial platforms mounted on trucks, and it has been created to enter the van sector. VT platforms are ideal equipment for those who need space to work at height with tools. Typical users might indeed be electricians and operators of electric plants or power lines. Socage telescopic aerial work platforms on vans are really fluid and fast while moving, performing more than one movement at a time, and very simple to use. On the basket there are three or four controls: one for vertical movements, one for the rotation, one for the extension of the boom and one for the jib. Telescopic platforms, in general, are ideal for road work, since they are quite small and compact. The forSte 12VT, mounted on Iveco Daily, can reach a maximum working height of 12,0 m and a maximum outreach of 7,50 m, with a maximum basket load of 120kg.
Visit us at the APEX exhibition to discover the new Socage’s platforms!


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