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Apex 2014 – Chapter 5

Jun 5, 2014 | Articles

This is the last chapter about the Socage’s platforms that will take part in APEX exhibition in Amsterdam. Socage’s forSte 54TJJ is not a new platform, but it had a lot of success both in Italy and abroad. The telescopic platform forSte 54TJJ, with a double jib, can be mounted on a 26 ton GVW truck.
The maximum working height is 54 meters and the maximum load capacity is 600 Kg (6 operators + tools). The most important characteristic is the 40 meters outreach, the major asset of Socage’s platforms.
Moreover, the second jib allows the operator to make movements that will be not possible with one jib only, that are under truss or under bridge operations. Finally, the platform is equipped with technological devices which help the operator to control different functions, such as the outriggers’ status or the machine’s use and maintenance.
This and more at Stand 750 – Socage from the 24th to the 26th of June in Amsterdam!


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