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Second Record for Socage: 28 meters on 3,5 ton trucks

Apr 2, 2013 | Articles

Second Record for Socage: 28 meters on 3.5 ton trucks
The limit of 28 meters height on 3,5 tons truck has been overcome. Thanks to the work of Socage now 28 meters height can be reached even with a 3,5 tons truck. After being the first one who developed a 24 meters double articulated platform mounted on a driving license category B, now the company tries to reach the same record with the 28 meters platform. In order to stress the importance of this success, a completely new name, that will be used for all future models, has been invented –  Forste 28D, where “Forste” recalls the new Socage line created dedicated to the NPO Association that the company decided to support, “28” concerns the meters reached by the platform, and “D” is the abbreviation of Double Articulated.
That newness, which is going to be shown on preview at Bauma fair in Munich, underlines the constant engagement in  innovation and the important know-how that the company has gained through the years. The Research and Development Department is indeed the core of the company which praises a ten-year experience in this field. The company continues to invest on updating courses and on the development of new soft wares, able to study and simulate on pressures and stresses each component of a platform undergoes through a 3D simulation. New programs such as CADFem and Solid Works Simulation let optimize the materials employed reducing the fitting out weight in order to guarantee high performances. Socage had already realized the DA328 in the past, a double articulated work platform installed on trucks from 5,6 tons able to reach 28 meters height, 16 meters extension of the boom with 225 kg capacity load. Combining the experience gained and this new software the new Forste 28D was born, a unique type of platform in its genre, because it can be rented without the operator and driven with driving license category B. Able to reach a 28 meters height and a 14 meters outreach, Forste 28D has a 300 kg capacity load and it has hydro-electric controls. Studied to be used in urban areas, Forste 28D offers extremely restrained dimension when driving it, 6690 mm length and 2100 mm width. In addition, it is also equipped with front and rear hydraulic extendable outriggers, in order to let the user choose the most suitable configuration to stabilize the platform. The Forste 28D is going to be shown on preview at Bauma together with other platforms, such as the double jib telescopic platform TJJ39 Forste and the new telescopic T319 Forste.


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