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Socage First forSte 44TJ deliver in Switzerland

Jul 2, 2015 | Articles

Breaking news – the company Socage, Italian aerial work platform producer, delivers its first 44m platform, the forSte 44TJ, to its Swiss customer “Fratelli Zanetti”, that has been active in the Ticino region for more than 30 years, with among its main activities forestry. The company, with a wide range of aerial platforms, adds the forSte 44TJ to its fleet. Prototyped by the company Socage starting from the well-known and appreciated forSte 54TJJ, on the market for years, the telescopic with double jib is installed on a 26 ton truck.  The new dedicated chassis, thanks to the new one stage front outriggers, allows reducing the total space occupied by the closed platform, thus being lighter, but keeping very good performances, with a maximum working height of 44 meters and an outreach of 30 meters.
Despite the cutting edge technology, the platform is quite simple to use, and can be easily used as a crane with the mountable winch (900kg max.). The forSte 44TJ, another new platform mounted on a > 3.5 ton truck to be added to the range of the products designed by the manufacturer Socage, constantly aiming for new goals to achieve.
Picture: delivery of the aerial work platform at Socage’s premises with the sales man Gabriele Canovi and one of the owners of the company Giuliano Zanetti.


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