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Three Socage aerial platforms after the tornado

May 8, 2013 | Articles

Three Socage platforms at work in Northern Italy
Sorbara, 8 May 2013 _ People are still speechless after the Tornado that hit Northern Italy 3rd May.
Around 4 PM it started hailing very heavily causing damages to cars and crops and afterwards it turned into a Tornado in the area between Modena and Bologna. There were damages to houses, roofs blown off, minor casualties, uprooted trees etc… Among the damaged buildings there was Villa Palau in San Giorgio near Bologna which is a listed mansion over  700 years old.
Lattoneria Tassi, a local roofing Company, was one of the first in action to repair the damages with three Socage platforms (as per VIDEO). Between Saturday and Sunday Lattoneria Tassi worked hard in order to remove the damaged parts and replace the roof of the villa. As this job needed precision and rapidity Socage platforms were the ideal tool in these circumstances; with all pipes and cables inside the booms and the smooth movements of the aerial part the Socage platforms allowed the operator to work without the risk of getting stuck between the branches or rubbles. Also the user friendly controls, the multi-area stabilization system, the compactness and the versatility of these models were the key factors that allowed the operator to get the job done quickly and safely.
Lattoneria Tassi used two double articulated DA324 and a telescopic with jib TJ30.
Able of a maximum working height of 24 m and a maximum outreach of 11 m, the DA324 has got a safe working load (SWL) of 225 kg. TJ30 is able of a maximum working height of 30 m, a maximum outreach of 23 m and it has got a safe working load (SWL) of 300 kg.


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