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54TJJ Truck Mounted Lifting Platform: Maximum Performance.

Sep 21, 2022 | Events/News | 0 comments

Sep 21, 2022 | Articles | 0 comments

The 54TJJ platform is a model equipped with a secondary boom, which allows you to perform movements that would be impossible with a single arm, allowing for a wide range of movement and positioning of the platform. It reaches up to 54 meters, with a large lateral radius to be installed on trucks of 26/32 tons. In addition, the basket can withstand up to 600kg.

Betting on the technology, it has a 7-inch LCD screen that allows the operator to check a lot of information about the platform, such as the 2D working area, the status of the stabilizers, etc.

On the other hand, this high-performance platform has a multi-zone stabilization system: it allows the operator to choose between different options, adapting to the space that the vehicle has available in each place.

The emergency controls are remote controlled, allowing the operator to position himself much better and faster, increasing productivity and visibility when working at height.

The aerial part has a rotation of 700º, which avoids downtime during the repositioning of the platform and therefore significantly increases productivity.

The size of the aluminum basket is 2300 x 900 xh 1100 mm, hydraulically expanding to 3600 mm to increase the operating space. The basket rotation is 360º (180º left + 180 right)  allowing great versatility of positioning for work , even under bridges.


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