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Used aerial work platforms for sale

Used aerial work platforms for sale

Socage’s core business has always been the design and production of aerial platforms, and therefore the company also dedicates the same care and professionalism in selecting used aerial platforms for sale.

Quality and safety combined whit convenience of acquiring second-hand Socage products, guaranteeing the customer a unique relationship price quality in the sector.

A group of specialized professionals carry out the most scrupulous and complete review of each machine, thoroughly checking it and doing all the necessary maintenance and repairs on the platform. Second-hand Socage is also backed by an assistance service at the complete disposal of the client, to give a timely response to all their problems.

camion con cestello CTE
Furgone con cestello usato
piattaforma autocarrata usata Palfinger
Piattaforma ragno usata Hinowa
piattaforme aeree usate oilsteel
Piattaforme aeree usate MULTITEL
piattaforme aeree autocarrate usate CMC
Camion con cestello usato ISOLI


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