The lightest and most stable spider boom lifts


spider boom lift

15 - 18 MT.

Spider boom lift forSte 15S

Raptor 15S

Tracked spider lifts forSte 18S

Raptor 18S

Towable boom lifts forSte 21S

Raptor 21S


Raptor 35S


We offer high quality spider boom lifts with small dimensions, perfect for the most inaccessible places and without limitations in the work area. These are also sustainable platforms with 0% emissions, in addition to a gasoline engine it incorporates an electric motor that allows working without emissions, something that is essential for many enclosed spaces.

The most compact spider boom lift

These are extremely compact platforms, which disassembled can cross very narrow spaces. In addition, the platform tracks are extendable, allowing greater stability during platform movement. These are compact platforms with an excellent relationship between small dimensions and high performance.