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MONETTI GROUP, the dream comes true

Dec 14, 2020 | Deliveries

November ends with an important delivery, a reason for our company to be very proud: a ForSte47TJJ to the Monetti Group from Bojon!

Monetti Group operates in the market since 1917, always adopting new technologies and constantly looking for new solutions to meet the needs of its customers. For this reason, the company carries out many activities: from the tinsmith sector for private homes and condos, to the industrial sector, from the protection of buildings to the installation of Life lines and – last but not the least – aerial platforms rental business. They offer many state-of-the-art services that recognize the company as the most successful one in the field thanks to a specialised workforce as well.

ForSte 47TJJ is a telescopic aerial platform  with double jib that can work up to 47 metres high and has an outreach of 36 metres. Its basket capacity load is 600 kg and it seems to be a very versatile and high-performing machine. To be more precise, on this platform has been installed a convertible Basket whose dimensions ( 3.5×1.4 m) allow operators to load and transport their materials. Moreover, it allows them to exit the platform at height thanks to its security system that stops the machine once the frontal rails are opened. Another strong point of our company, considered as an accessory on this platform, is the winch which is able to lift 1500 kg

“The partnership between Socage and Monetti Group has been going on for almost 30 years and this delivery is just another proof. I had the honour to meet Ildo Monetti, a pioneer in the aerea of the aerial platforms, in 2012 on the occasion of another client’s open day.
The day after our first meeting, my school told me I was promoted. Impossible not to think about Mr Monetti brought me luck. Two years later, on the occasion of the SAIE 2014 in Bologna, thanks to my father and our sales agent Gianluca Bagnara, i had the honour to meet his son Michele with which, three years later, I started to design an aerial platform that is able to reach 40 metres high.
My target has always been to be able to build it for the Monetti Group and i have fixed it with eagerness and determination. In 2019 i realize it by the order of an ForSte 47TJJ.
8 years after our first meeting, the delivery of this aerial platform fulfills my lifelong dream, the smile on my face how as a child. Our diligent commitment to delivering on our promises has earned us an enduring relationship, especially in this period, where it is going on a global pandemic.”
Alessandro Flisi, Socage Test Manager and Production Director.

Con questa consegna, Socage si afferma ancora una volta leader nel settore delle piattaforme aeree in tutto il mondo, in grado di soddisfare anche le aziende più storiche con maggiori esigenze presenti sul mercato.


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MONETTI GROUP, the dream comes true

November ends with an important delivery, a reason for our company to be very proud: a ForSte47TJJ to the Monetti...