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What factors determine the price of an aerial platform truck?

Jun 23, 2022 | Events/News | 0 comments

In this article we are going to detail what factors determine the price of a lifting platform on a truck in order to be able to assess productivity. Firstly, we will define the characteristics of our platforms, and because, today they are the most productive platforms in the market and secondly because our after-sales service reinforces its productivity and therefore its profitability.


Socage has opted to incorporate automatic stabilization as standard mainly with the aim of making our platforms the most productive aerial platforms on trucks on the market. Why? Very simple, we understand the need of our customers, to be able to carry out the work at height on slopes, to operate in small spaces and also in an agile, precise and safe way. With automatic stabilization, we cover these three needs that we will define later:

Simple, because we manage to perform stabilizations only with a click from the chassis panel as from the basket panel, precise because the SPEED system is responsible for an efficient way to achieve the point “0” in the most accurate and safe way since a stabilization with an exact “0” point is always a plus of security, and also avoids operator positioning errors.

How do we reduce the workspace?

Our stabilizers being vertical H + H do not need wider spaces to stabilize than the size of the truck itself, a very clear advantage over our competition that works with stabilizers in “A” inclined stabilizers in which the competition requires more space than the truck itself to stabilize and therefore these platforms are less productive.

These stabilizers in A

  • Damage the surface
  • Make it harder to use support plates
  • It is more difficult to level and get the stabilization Ok

The possibility of using vertical stabilizers is the result of a strong commitment to R + D + I both in materials and in high quality design and performance

All these factors influence to a lesser extent the price of a platform, but they do increase productivity considerably, minimizing the impact on the price of the platform.


We offer more information to the operator and thanks to the automatic stabilization the stabilization process is simplified, since the operator can stabilize with just one click, saving time and increasing productivity.

  • Easy to use. Stabilize with just one click.
  • Stabilization also from the basket.
  • Does not damage the surface where it stabilizes.
  • More information to the operator, operational training QR and dashboards

Quality: important factor for the price of an aerial platform on a truck

We incorporate cataphoresis treatment as standard in all its platforms, so we extend the durability and corrosion protection of the entire exterior of the platform.

Our advanced lightweight and resistant materials guarantee an optimal weight on the vehicles, offering the option to our customers to make customizations in the truck, customizations that make the daily work for the operator more comfortable on a day-to-day basis. Enabling the safe and versatile use of straight stabilizers.

All electrical installations are integrated internally into the arms of the platforms to avoid the risk of damage in falling objects and materials, and we include 4 support plates delivered as standard. Quality is a key factor when assessing the price of an aerial platform on a truck, thanks to good quality materials, we ensure a much longer service life of the platform.

Technologically advanced

Our Socage Connect system allows us to perform remote diagnostics, preventive diagnostics with which we minimize the downtime of the machine in incidents looking for the highest productivity of the platforms.

The SPEED system offers automatic stabilization in a very simple way from the chassis panel and even from the basket, reinforcing the productivity of the operator in work at height.

Our electrohydraulic controls combine the safety of the electrical system with the reliability of the hydraulic system with which we achieve fluid movements, simultaneous maneuvers with smooth and precise movements.

Our control panels are intuitive, however, understanding the sector we also offer Socage Academy operators a space to guide the operator in his beginnings in the operation of a control panel of a platform, with access through a training QR that we can find on the platform.


Platforms with an automatic stabilization system always offer us a plus of safety for their precision in stabilization in addition to the Socage security systems that have always offered us as standard such as the maneuver consensus button and the possibility of remote emergency maneuvers. In short:

  • Avoid operator errors. TheSPEED system is responsible in a precise and safe way to achieve the perfect stabilization at 0º.
  • Greater ability to overcome unevenness, reducing the need for supplements in the stabilizers to achieve the OK of stabilization.
  • Avoids sliding in unevenness, the vertical stabilizers have the support plate in non-slip rubber.
  • It facilitates the use of support plates, important in unstable terrain.
  • Equipped with all safety and emergency devices in accordance with regulations.


We are aware of the specialization required by a technical service of aerial platforms, for this reason Socage has always been a pioneer with its after-sales service.

We offer mobile unit service where to attend in situ, so that we can perform assistance without the platform moving and attend emergency descents.

We use the same base of components for the entire SPEED series this offers us a simple and agile technical service solving in a fast space of time the need for components in repairs.

Socage Connect allows us to collect remote diagnostics, equipment information such as making emergency downloads, this technology turns our platforms into technologically advanced platforms while robust and accurate.

These after-sales services are important for minimizing the downtime of the platforms, which makes them more productive and therefore more profitable in the market.

We have made this article because we want to help an operator or rental company to understand how to make a comparison of platforms and choose the price of an aerial platform on a truck according to the components of series or extra components included in it and the productivity they entail. Socage is born from a philosophy, which is to get a platform operator to perform their jobs in the safest, simplest and most productive way.


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