Raptor 21S: Compactness and High Performance

Jan 3, 2024 | Events/News | 0 comments

In the dynamic market of aerial platforms, the Raptor 21S stands out for its extraordinary innovation, offering a perfect combination of versatility, ease of use, and high performance, all encapsulated in an extremely compact design. This tracked aerial platform represents the ideal choice for professionals and companies seeking efficiency and reliability.

The Raptor 21S offers a maximum working height of 35 meters and a lateral outreach up to 21 meters, ensuring a wide range of action. The basket’s capacity reaches 300 kg, allowing for two operators with equipment to work comfortably. Remarkably, it can operate in a negative reach up to 11 meters, a key feature for specific tasks.

Compactness is a hallmark of the Raptor 21S, the most compact in its category, facilitating transport and maneuverability in tight spaces. The expandable basket increases comfort during high-altitude operations, agilely adapting to even the most confined spaces.

Equipped with features such as automatic stabilization and automatic closing, the Raptor 21S ensures simple, quick, and most importantly, safe usage. The presence of a multi-function remote control and a 230 V electrical outlet in the basket further improves the user experience, making this platform a true concentration of technology and innovation.

Ideal for rental or demanding professionals, the Raptor 21S confirms itself as the optimal solution for those looking for a tracked aerial platform that does not compromise on performance and reliability. Learn more about the spider lift.


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