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Socage will tell you a lovely story

Mar 15, 2018 | Articles

Reality is not always what it seems and sometimes the conclusion that appears to us the simplest does not correspond to the truth. For this reason we want to tell you an “overwhelming” story and we will try to give you another point of view on the incident.
We will tell you about an “impossible love” …
… that between a large “Airbus plane” is a small (but only on this occasion) “Socage ForSte 28D”.
It was a beautiful sunny day when, at the angar of a famous national airport, a large plane hit the platform, but the vehemence of the big plane did nothing but hurt the platform and the result was this. ..

The Socage sales network, with affection, dedicates this story to all those who, not having other arguments, continue to talk about us.


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