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SPP – Socage Project profile

Apr 20, 2016 | Articles

Socage is a state-of-the-art company, as it is proved by the “SPP-Socage Project Profile”.
Everybody knows that Socage is now collaborating with Welser for the production of its innovative profiles, which are produced by using advanced technologies such as the cold forming of sections with performant sheets (STRENX). To produce this kind of profiles, hundreds of rollers and matrix are used, which are fundamental for the deformation and the moulding of the profiles.
On the contrary, it is now well known that the Italian aerial platforms company has been studying and making tests for years, in order to achieve the current results.
In 2013, the thesis “Investigation of using fiber laser and CMT technology in welding of Docol pipes” has been commissioned and published. It is the result of Socage’s collaboration with the Politecnico of Milan and ABB, a leader company in laser welding and robots. A student of Politecnico has been carrying out research for Socage, with the aim of analyzing the SSAB DOCOL material (STRENX) and the performance of this material when using CMT welding technology (cold metal transfer).
The thesis proves that CMT welding guarantees a continuous material resistance. In spite of that, it has been proved that the use of CMT welding causes an excessive heating on the coupling.
Socage was not satisfied of this result, so it decided to continue carrying out research.
For this reason, the company from Modena started collaborating with Welser and using the laser welding technique. Not only the laser ensures a deep and complete welding, but also it further reduces the heated area of the welding on the material. The result is a decreased deformation and a limited alteration of the material’s mechanical characteristics. This last property is crucial for such performant materials used for very thin sheets.


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