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Faggioli won the Trento-Bondone Race for the 9th time

Jul 6, 2017 | Articles

Faggioli won the Trento-Bondone Race for the 9th time: one of the best performance for the champion from Florence. With his 9th vicotry he has reach Mauro Nesti one of the best performer of this race.

Faggioli needed few days to realize his win.
Thanks to his new record of 9.00,52 he earned the Trento-Bondone podium for the 9th time mat-ching Nesti’s vitories in this race.
The Trento-Bondeno is one of the most important climb, called the University of the rise and this weekend was won by Simone with his Norma M20 FC and his team.
Faggioli declared: “During the race everything was perfect. I could not do any misteake, that could cripple the hard work of my team and Pirelli Tyres. I’m cheerful of this outcome, win this race is like to win an entire champions the reasons are the length, beauty and the technical feature of the blueprint.
I’d like to thank everybody: my team, my guys and all the people that in these days share with me their affection and esteem.
I’d like to thanks Pirelli too, their contibution is foundamental.


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