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Socage at Bauma with the 37DJ Speed: velocity and simplicity to use

Mar 29, 2019 | Articles

Socage at Bauma with the 37Dj Speed: velocity and simplicity of use.
This year Socage will be at Bauma with a stand of 500 mq, a decidedly big space that the company of Sorbara will use to introduce to the international markets a lot of news.

The first among all will be the plan of complete renewal concerning the famous 37 m of Socage It is already the highest double articulated present on the market and it was completely re-designed in order to simplify and accelerate the use of it to meet the demands of the renters.
This the model 37DJ Speed. In particular, it has been studied a completely new chassis mountable on trucks starting from 18 ton, this allows the operator to stabilize without extracting the extensions and maintaining at the same time an outreach of 23 m, a remarkable performance.

What is the most  immediate advantage?

As Fiorenzo Flisi (proprietor of Socage) notices: “While a normal truck is stabilized, an operator using the Socage 37DJ Speed parks, draws the handbrake, inserts the PTO, gets into the basket and  can start to work: a great saving of time!
Moreover the stabilization between the mirrors offers other advantages as the possibility of reducing the obstacles without penalizing the performances, making always more simple the use of the platform.
The company of Sorbara has studied also the possibility of adding as optional the automatic stabilization to ease further the user at the beginning of the work.

The insertion of a continuous area at 360° is another  element of simplification for the use of this platform, that will allow the renters to widen the number of the operators involved in the cold rental.
“We decided to examine in depth the study of our existing 37DJ to allow the renter to offer a product extremely simple and with great performances, for this reason the 37DJ Speed was born”.

During the Bauma fair 2019, Socage will present the selection of insulated machines studied by the branch Socage do Brasil, a product strongly interesting for the extra-European markets.
At Bauma it will be possible to see the 13,5ATi, an articulated telescopic platform of 13 m with an insulation of type B (up to 69Kv) or an insulation of type C (up to 49Kv).

In the stand of Socage will be present also a lot of the platforms of the new E series.
The new telescopic (ForSte18T) with stabilization between the mirrors is particularly interesting.
It is a light platform with electric commands, simple to use and with reduced obstruction. It is versatile and can have also the configuration with the extractable front-extensions to increase the performances, passing from an outreach of 11 m with the stabilization between the mirrors to one of 12,5 with the extractable extensions.

To stay on the topic of the telescopic selection and the platform with the best performances, at the stand Socage will be present also the ForSte 23T with chassis extreme.

It has been already bought by Kunze Group, with a working height of 23,10 m and outreach of 14 m; it is the highest among the telescopic platforms with driving license B that succeeds in remaining light offering at the same time decidedly incomparable performances.
The platform ForSte25D (25m) will be particularly interesting among the models double articulated of  Socage, it will be presented at Bauma mounted on IVECO Daily 35S, for the customer Kunze Group.

This is a platform very light with a working height of 24,20 m and an outreach of 12 m with extractable front-extensions while the rear-ones are between the mirrors.

The ForSte 25D is part of the “Serie E” selection of Socage available also with the options automatic stabilization and automatic closing. These are configurations that improve the use of it and guarantee to work safely also for the operator not so skilled.

To stay on the topic of the double articulated selection, at the stand Socage (FS.1304/2) will be presented also the ForSte 20D, core machine for the company of Modena and the ForSte 28D, the highest platform double articulated with driving license B on the market.

The new platform mounted on van , the 12VT Tronqué, is particularly interesting for the French market because it has been studied a re-placement of the basket removing a part of the covering of the lorry. It is a modification studied thanks to the French branch that allows the user of platforms on van to work along the road occupying less space than the loading bed of the van. The 12 VT Tronqué was already launched at the beginning of March. During this period the Socage in Tour-France started; it is an event that, as the Italian one, wants to make know “live” an important platform for that market.

David Lionello, the sales manager of the area, states “The event was a great success in France too”.
During the Bauma fair will be present also the 75TJJ of the customer Danese, the highest telescopic platform with double jib of the Socage selection, equipped with the convertible basket, a patent by Socage that allows the  landing at heights for a better work of the operator.

In the end will be present the caterpillar of Socage, the 18S and the ForSte 20TJ extreme, the only one telescopic with jib mounted on truck with driving license B by the company of Modena. This is a platform with a lightness and a convenience typical for the telescopic platforms of Socage and in addition it offers the versatility of use for a platform with jib.


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