socage-world an international consolidation strategy

Socage World an international consolidation strategy

Apr 14, 2021 | Events/News

Socage is currently going through a digital transformation, the first objective as a clear vocation of the company is to satisfy its customers so that its products are within reach of all the needs of work at height. The next goal is related with Socage’s broader marketing plan which is to position, establish and reaffirm Socage as a global brand.

Socage’s target is the world, that is why the company, in its constant search for growth and with a projection towards the future, is exploring new technological horizons to increase its visibility worldwide and satisfy the changing needs of its customers, in order to develop digital experiences that simplify and improve the consumer’s life.

This is how the Italian manufacturer, a reference in the worldwide production and sale of aerial work platforms on trucks, is positively consolidated and reaffirmed worldwide with the creation of the Socage World web as part of an ambitious Socage project to increase the online impact of the company  in order to sustain competitive advantage.

Socage World, the new website of the Socage universe arises and manifests itself through a new digital experience, the website, where it is intended to offer users an agile, innovative and efficient experience on a global scale as the nerve center of the connectivity of the different branch offices and the company’s distribuitors network.

socage world

The website, in addition to providing information on products and services, provides an overview of Socage’s 40 years of experience and reflects its avant-garde spirit at the service of its customers, undoubtedly consolidating it in the international market with a competitive advantage.

Through Socage World, a consumer-friendly web platform, the company optimizes the user experience by recognizing their geolocation and directing them to the Socage branch office  according to their location and language.

This new era for Socage shows once again its incessant search to create different objectives to innovate as a company in order to be more efficient and satisfy the needs of its customers.


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