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The first week of Faggioli and Bouduban in Colorado is over

Jun 13, 2018 | Articles

The first week of Faggioli and Bouduban in Colorado is over: the drivers describe the first days on the slopes of Pikes Peak and the beginning of the American adventure.

 A part of the Faggioli Racing Team together with its riders Simone Faggioli and Fabien Bouduban arrived in Colorado Springs last week; they opened the program that will end on June 24th at the summit of Pikes Peak.

It was not an easy arrival and had some misadventures, too. In fact, on the day when the two Norma M20 SF PKP were expected to arrive, only one of the two cars went at destination, specifically the Bouduban’s one. This delay in the delivery of Faggioli’s vehicle was due to a failure in loading the car at the Chicago airport. It also brought other delays and inconveniences in the management of the tests and race program.

The private tests, scheduled for June 8th for both cars, were attended only by Faggioli on Bouduban’s car. The Swiss companion had generously allowed his friend to use his own Norma for a better understanding of the track.

Unfortunately, after 2 km of the first heat the engine broke down and Faggioli was obliged to stop, too.

Then the arrival of Faggioli’s car on Friday late evening June 8th required a huge amount of work that lasted all night: finally the mechanics and technicians of the team were able to prepare the vehicle for Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th Tire Tests. The Best Lap driver was able to try out the M20 SF PKP with Pirelli tyres for the first time on a mountain road. The timing records were immediately positive, although it will be anyway difficult to compete with the most prestigious driver of the event, i.e. Romain Dumas on the electric Volkswagen.

Next week a great job for the Italian-Swiss team is forecasted; they will have to repair Bouduban’s car and get both the cars ready for the qualifying session on Wednesday June 20th.

All the fans in Europe are excited and follow the important and prestigious project with great attention. This positive energy arrives directly in Colorado Springs to support the two drivers who will soon get back on board their high-performance cars.



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