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Discover the 47TJJ truck mounted aerial platform

Aug 24, 2022 | Events/News | 0 comments

The 47TJJ truck-mounted platform is one of our long-reach work platforms, which has a JIB/jib that can be installed on trucks with a minimum ptt of 18tn. Among the advantages that this model has, is a secondary arm that expands the possibilities of maneuvers, which would be impossible to carry out with a single JIB/jib.

Our 47TJJ models come standard with the best technology. The operator will be able to consult various information on a 7-inch LCD screen, such as the status of the limiter, the stabilizers, the 2D work area, and much more.

This model reaches 47 meters in height with a great lateral reach as well, perfect for the most demanding jobs. The load capacity of the basket is very high, being able to support up to 600 kg.

As for stabilization, the 47TJJ has a multi-zone stabilization system, ideal for taking advantage of the space available for the vehicle in the best possible way. In addition, the rear stabilizers of the 47TJJ consist of 2 hydraulic extensions that increase the stabilization area, expanding the possibilities of the equipment as well as its productivity.

The platform features a 700º turret rotation, which allows rapid platform repositioning, minimizing downtime while the platform is repositioning. It also offers the possibility of being equipped with a hydraulic winch, with a capacity of 900/1500kg.

In conclusion, it is a platform with wide possibilities. Thanks to its secondary arm and 360º rotation, it allows the most complex maneuvers to be carried out, such as positioning the basket under a bridge.


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