Bucket truck 27D


Jan 25, 2022 | Events/News | 0 comments

Socage, as a result of the clear commitment to the continuous evolution and differentiation of the product, presents the new ForSte 27D SPEED truck-mounted platform, the highest 3,500kg vehicle-mounted articulated platform on the market. A record model, easy to use and reliable that increases safety, information, and assistance to the operator.

It stands out especially for its great features together with the Speed ​​H+H finish which offers automatic stabilization as standard with fixed vertical stabilizers among other new features and complete equipment also as standard.

The great features, both in terms of working height and lateral reach, guarantee a wide working diagram that gives the model exclusive productivity. Capable of reaching a working height of 27.20 m and a lateral reach of 12.00 m with a load capacity of 230 kg or 300 kg.

The complete multi-function hydraulic system allows soft and precise operation. A new sensation in the use of platforms on vehicles, much softer and proportional movements with greater control by the operator, even with simultaneous maneuvers.

Socage has made a strong commitment to R+D+i and as a result they are launching very competitive models on the market, with automatic stabilization and complete standard equipment in a clear product differentiation strategy.

The Socage ForSte 27D SPEED, is an ideal solution for all types of companies and professionals with the highest demands in height, as well as a perfect option for rental companies without driver who want to offer its customers truck-mounted platforms with features superior to the usual ones on the market.

Aerial platform 27D Speed

¿Qué ventajas tiene la estabilización automática de serie?

Mejora la productividad, la simplicidad de uso y la seguridad. La estabilización automática, que Socage incluye de serie en estos modelos, simplifica la maniobra más realizada y complicada en el uso diario de una plataforma, así como aumenta la seguridad reduciendo los errores del operador en la estabilización. Permite la estabilización con un solo pulsador incluso desde la cesta, así como el cierre automático.

Otra ventaja destacada es el recorrido extra de los estabilizadores verticales SOCAGE que aportan también una mayor capacidad para superar desniveles y no dañan la superficie, junto con los estabilizadores verticales fijos que facilitan claramente el emplazamiento de la plataforma.


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